5 things you should know about Laser Tag
Laser Tag

1. Laser tag is an action-based game that doesn’t allow you not to fall in love with. Every moment takes place in specially adjusted arena perfectly suited for breath-taking moments.

2. The game itself lasts for 15 minutes. The goal is simple. Hit and don’t get hit.

3. Speaking of security – no worries. The arena is made to be as safe as possible.

4. How to picture a game – Dark arena designed to bring you to a street war. Your heart beat boosted by adrenalin and the only thing you can rely on is your gun. Everything is absolutely safe as the gun you use shoots laser signal, not actual bullets.

5. Laser tag is highly addictive ;-)


Advantages of Laser Tag

  • Everything works the same way as your TV remote controller. The gun sends signal to a receiver on your enemy’s helmet that is also used as a necessary protection.
  • Laser Tag is painless and doesn’t depend on a specific place. You can even play at your pool party.
  • Everything is wireless.
  • The only place you should take care of is your helmet and gun, where your sensors are. That allows you to move without limits, as there’s no need to use a vest.
  • Every gun is adjustable and so we can arrange a game according to your wishes. Gun’s range is up to 150 metres, what provides you with a great chance to test your sniper skills.
  • Sensors receive the signal from any angle, therefore shooting from behind… Is not prohibited. :)
  • What to get ready for

  • At first, players are to choose a game scenario and music. The max number of players is eight.
  • Once you hit your enemy, you get points added to your account. The more hits you have, the bigger hero you become afterwards.
  • If not set otherwise, the game lasts for 15 minutes, what is enough of time to nail your effectiveness.